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Fans Send Well-Wishes After Anna Paquin Uses Cane At Film Premiere Amid Health Struggles

The Oscar winner walked the red carpet of her new film 'A Bit of Light' with a cane after struggling with speech and mobility issues for the past two years.

Anna Paquin
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Fans have taken to the internet to wish actor Anna Paquin well following she revealed she's been struggling with multiple health issues since 2022.

Paquin used a cane while attending the red carpet premier of her new film A Bit of Light and said the past two years have been "difficult" and her struggle "hasn't been easy."

She has not revealed what conditions she is struggling with, but has faced mobility and speech issues for the past two years.

Why Anna Paquin Is Walking The Red Carpet With a Cane | E!

Paquin has not been seen on a red carpet since October 2022's Raindance Film Festival in London, where A Bit Of Light was screened, though a source confirmed to Peoplemagazine that she is expected to make a full recovery from her condition.

Paquin said at the premier that despite the difficulties she's faced she is thrilled to still be doing what she loves.

"My first love was independent filmmaking. That's how I entered the film industry. I was working with people who were all about telling stories and telling them with integrity and truth."

On social media, fans were surprised by Paquin's condition and wished her a speedy recovery.

Paquin told Entertainment Weekly she is incredibly moved by people's well wishes.

"I am extraordinarily touched and moved by people showing that they care and being interested and kind about it. At some point I will probably elaborate on my own platform in my own words. I'm just really grateful for the support."

Paquin, who hails from New Zealand, launched her international film career with Jane Campion's 1993 film The Piano, for which Paquin won an Oscar at the ripe old age of 11.

A Bit of Light focuses on an alcoholic mother who loses custody of her children. It also features her former True Blood costar and real-life husband Stephen Moyer, with whom she shares two sons.