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Animal Rescue Center Uses A Mannequin Look-Alike To Cure Pug's Separation Anxiety From Its Owner


Dogs are social animals by nature. Like the wolves they're descended from, they function better in packs whether with dogs or humans.

So it's easy to see why one adorable pug would have separation anxiety when no longer in proximity to his owner. This animal rescue center had an unconventional—and brilliant—method for counteracting that.

Shorty the pug is a whopping 15 years old. His owner and longtime companion, Marc, runs an animal hospice center with his wife Kristen.

Together, the couple cares for 34 precious pooches that, for whatever reason, don't have a family of their own to care for them.

Even to the most ardent dog lover, looking after over 30 pups is no easy task. So it's understandable that Marc has to be methodic with his time. While Shorty still gets loads of love and cuddles when Marc is at the center, his owner often has to travel for work.

Not getting anxious at this, for Shorty, is a tall order.

When Kristen saw how big a toll the anxiety was taking on the pup, she ordered a mannequin from a Halloween store, hoping it would provide a sufficient stand-in for Marc.

To her relief and amazement, it worked.

Shorty and his friends snuggled right up to the mannequin, which Kristen named Farc (Fake Marc).

Not only did the mannequin soothe Shorty, but their interaction provided the internet with some much-needed cuteness.

Others thought the interaction was just plain hilarious.

Some wanted to try the method out for themselves.

One things for certain: The folks at Vintage Pet Rescue are no dummies!