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Angry Woman Smashes NYC Popeyes Window Because Her $4 Meal Didn't Come With a Drink

Staten Island Advance/YouTube

Sometimes, when things don't go your way, it's easy to lose your cool. For instance, imagine you go to a Popeyes, excited for their $4 meal special. BUT, once you arrive, you find out that meal does NOT include the drink you expected! What would you do? Smash through a nearby window with a chair? At least one woman from Staten Island, New York, can relate.

Surveillance footage from Sunday, April 29, shows an enraged woman flipping off employees and throwing a sign before smashing a window with a chair, all because she thought her meal was supposed to have a drink included.

Employees attempted to reason with the irate customer, saying she may have mistook their $4 meal deal for a similar special at Wendy's which DOES include a drink, but the situation had passed words.

The NYPD is calling on anyone who knows the woman to step forward, and believe her to be between 18 and 25. Charges against her probably include "failing to restrain one's true feelings."

Half of Twitter was incredulous:

The other half, however, was understanding:

Maybe we could all benefit from a few deep breaths the next time we visit a fast foo establishment. You never know whether things will turn out the way you expect, but replacing a window is almost definitely more expensive than a $4 meal, with drink or no.

H/T - NBC, YouTube