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Viral Video Appears To Show Amish Trump Supporters Staging A 'Horse Rally' Ahead Of Election

Viral Video Appears To Show Amish Trump Supporters Staging A 'Horse Rally' Ahead Of Election

It's 2020 and the latest election season. We're inevitably going to see some pretty unexpected things.

Currently among the favorites is a video that went viral on Twitter, having been viewed more than 6-million views.

The subjects involved appear to be Amish Trump Supporters, emerging from the large Amish population in Pennsylvania.

The scene truly raised some eyebrows with the parade-like quality of the Horse Rally, as well as the dramatic display of the American flag and Trump 2020 flag side-by-side on each of the Amish Buggies.

Some Twitter users who saw the footage thought the Horse Rally was kind of wild.

Others who appeared to be fellow Trump supporters thought it was great that they were coming out to vote.

But a few also wondered if those involved in the Horse Rally, or at previous Trump rallies, were actually Amish or sent to create the illusion of support for Trump by the Amish population.

Though it is not specifically against the rules for an Amish person to vote, they typically do not involve themselves in the process, as it has been deemed a worldly matter. The Amish are known for emphasizing their spiritual concerns and removing as many worldly distractions from their day-to-day lives as possible.

Occasionally, there is cause for them to more directly involve themselves in the world's concerns, however, and it seems President Donald Trump may have managed to peak their interest.

It's been noted that the Trump campaign previously attempted to gain the Amish vote, focusing on Pennsylvania, which is said to have more than 750,000 Amish people, as well as other more heavily-concentrated groups across the United States.

Most of their media coverage was physical in nature to better appeal to the group, focusing on newspaper advertisements and billboards situated on their common commuting routes.

Their campaigns may have worked, with the development of this Horse Rally, as well as several appearances of who appeared to be Amish at area Trump rallies.

What's fascinating is that the Amish have not made a show of their involvement like this, probably ever.

Though it's possible that these individuals were "inserted" into the situation, with 2020 being as troubling as it has been, and the Amish being registered as long-term Republicans, it seems reasonable that now would be the time for them to make their move.