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American Celebrating Biden's Win Interrupts French Reporter's Live Segment With Hilariously Bad French Accent


News that President Donald Trump lost his re-election bid to Democratic challenger Joe Biden wasn't welcome only in the U.S. Around the world, people cheered Biden's victory and watched celebrations in American cities.

As a reporter from BFM TV, a French news network, tried to report back to his home country on Biden's win, he was interrupted by an American with some pretty strong feelings about the European country.

The clip has gone viral thanks to the man's enthusiasm and truly awful French accent.

The clip, which featured the man's hilarious mangling of the French language, prompted an online outpouring of love between French and American citizens.

The newscaster in the clip seemed delighted and taken aback by the American's awkward compliments.

Many people reminisced about French moments from their favorite childhood shows.

It seemed clear that Joe Biden's victory put most of the world in a very good mood.

Are we looking at our next French ambassador in this clip?

Let's hope people remember this moment as one of the most important things to happen in the wake of Joe Biden's victory.