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Alyssa Milano Calls Herself 'Premenopausal' And 'Angry' In Scathing Anti-Trump Speech At L.A. Impeachment Rally

Alyssa Milano Calls Herself 'Premenopausal' And 'Angry' In Scathing Anti-Trump Speech At L.A. Impeachment Rally

On the night before the House's planned vote to impeach President Trump, people gathered all over the country to rally against the White House.

At one rally in Los Angeles, actress Alyssa Milano made an appearance and gave a speech which showed President Trump absolutely no mercy.

After leading the crowd in a chant of "this is what democracy looks like," Milano spoke with passion.

"I am angry. If he thought Greta [Thunberg] was angry, he's seen nothing yet. I'm premenopausal and I am angry!"

She went on to say:

"And do you know why I'm angry? I'm angry because I'm so tired. I'm tired of this."
"Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not tired of fighting Donald Trump and his many, many impeachable offenses and I'm not tired of speaking truth to power — I will never tire of that."
"But I am so tired of being lied to by a president, and I'm tired that the entire Republican party thinks that we are all stupid!"

Milano also took a moment to point out how Senate Republicans have repeatedly claimed impeachment is getting in the way of "accomplishing" anything while refusing to pass any of the "hundreds of bills" passed by the House.

"Weird that the Senate won't bring that up. Democratic House passed all of this but Mitch McConnell won't even allow a debate on these bills in the Republican-led Senate, and Trump won't support any of them."
"So they think we're dumb, they think we're dumb enough to believe that if they complain about the procedure enough that we'll think that Trump is innocent of any impeachable offenses."

Milano clearly has some strong feelings when it comes to the current administration.

"I mean, this a--hole has committed obstruction of justice, abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of Congress and the American people know this and we also know the Republicans are picking party over country."

The actress signed off with an important reminder for 2020!

"And because the entire Republican party has belittled the intelligence of the great people of this country, we are coming for them and we are coming for their seats! There are 322 days until the election, what will you do?"

The first book in Alyssa Milano's series for 8-12 year-olds, Hope: Project Middle School, is available here.