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Ole Miss Crowd Goes Wild After 86-Year-Old Woman Sinks A 94-Foot Putt To Win Herself A Brand New Car

On rare occasions at basketball games, the half-time antics can be just as exciting as the game itself.

In Mississippi, an 86-year-old Ole Miss fan named Mary Ann Wakefield sent the arena into hysterics when she sunk a 94-foot putt for a new car.

No one could believe Mary Ann had sunk such an improbable shot.

Wakefield's family sounded off on Twitter, congratulating her.

This moment won't be forgotten by the Wakefield family anytime soon.

On Twitter, the clip quickly went viral and verified users offered their praise.

Never count out a woman just because she's an octogenarian.

This amazing event was just the pick-me-up many people online needed.

Congratulations, Mary Ann! Enjoy your new car—you earned it!