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Youth Baseball Umpire Has To Be Taken Away On Stretcher After Coach Shoves Him To Ground Over Call

Youth Baseball Umpire Has To Be Taken Away On Stretcher After Coach Shoves Him To Ground Over Call

A youth baseball umpire at The Colony Five Star Complex in Texas was violently slammed to the ground by an enraged coach after calling a runner safe at home plate.

Robbie Johnson coaching the Texas Phenoms from Abilene, Texas allegedly disputed multiple calls during Saturday's game before violently confronting the umpire, Sam Phelps from Denton.

Police spokesperson Rick De La Cruz told Huffington Post that The Colony police waited to sign an arrest warrant for the coach on a charge of misdemeanor assault to cause bodily injury.

You can watch the incident in this clip obtained by Fox 4 News.

The umpire, Phelps, said he was still reeling from the assault while on the job–which he had been doing for 15 years.

"As the game went on, he didn’t like what happened. I didn’t know what was coming," he said of the coach while talking to Fox 4 News.

Phelps recalled after calling the runner safe after a sliding play, the coach emerged from the dugout and words were exchanged.

"I ejected him, and I held up my hand and said, ‘We aren’t doing this, coach,’" said Phelps.

"And then he held up his hand to mock me saying, ‘Oh, we aren’t doing this.’ And then he shoved me right in the face, and I fell backwards and hit my head."
"And I was down for a while."

Ryan Walke, who was watching his 10-year-old son playing in the neighboring field at the complex, witnessed the confrontation that resulted in the umpire being carried him the field on a stretcher.

Walke recalled:

"He was on the ground for 10 to 15 minutes. The ambulance came out there. Put him on a stretcher. Scary times."

Walke said he attempted to prevent the coach from leaving after the altercation by following him to the parking lot but was unsuccessful after the coach got into his car and drove off.

Said Walke:

"First thing is first. He is the coach of the team. He needs to stay and apologize to the players."
"Not be able to leave. That was our biggest thing."

Hours later, Phelps was released from the hospital where he was scanned for a concussion. He decided to press assault charges and filed a report with The Colony police.

Phelps declared:

"If there are no consequences, this can continue."

"I don’t want to destroy anyone’s life," Phelp emphasized.

"But I would like this to be a learning opportunity to get this out there."

L’Erin Hampton, whose 24 Sports organization ran the competition, told the media outlet:

“The worst thing was the kids having to see this.”

Hampton said the Abilene team was not banned from the 24 Sports competitions but he said they would have to compete under new leadership in order to play again in the future.

The coach is banned from participating in further tournaments.

When contacted by Fox 4 News, the coach admitted he was wrong and said he hopes to one day apologize to Phelps in person and shake his hand.