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NRA Supporters Are Blowing Up Their YETI Coolers--And It Doesn’t Really Even Make Sense

Supporters of the NRA took out their ire on the coolers.

NRA Supporters Are Blowing Up Their YETI Coolers--And It Doesn’t Really Even Make Sense
YouTube: Camo4x4s

NRA supporters are destroying their YETI Coolers over changes made to the relationship between the nation's largest gun lobby and the outdoors company.

Gun enthusiasts have been turning their weapons on their beloved coolers, protesting claims by the NRA that YETI was ceasing all business relationships with the organization.

"Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with the NRA Foundation, saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor and refused to say why," Marion Hammer, the NRA's Florida lobbyist, wrote in a letter. "They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation. That certainly isn't sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed. They have declined to continue helping America's young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities."

YETI coolers aren't cheap, ranging from several hundred to $1,300. Calls for boycotts of YETI have accompanied the demonstrations. YETI, however, disputes the NRA's announcement, stating that they are not severing ties, but merely reevaluating their policies and working on new incentives for NRA members to buy their products.

"A few weeks ago, Yeti notified the NRA Foundation, as well as a number of other organizations, that we were eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs," Yeti said on Twitter. "When we notified the NRA Foundation and the other organizations about this change, Yeti explained that we were offering them an alternative customization program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA Foundation. These facts directly contradict the inaccurate statement the (NRA) distributed on April 20."

Tweets showing the destruction of expensive personal property by its owners have been popping up, many of which include statements of protest. Known as the "Yeti Cooler Challenge," owners are filling the coolers with tannerite, an explosive, and blowing them up.

The irony speaks for itself.

"Blowing up your yeti coolers serves no purpose since you've already given them your money. They don't give 2 sh*ts what you do with it after that."