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WWE Sparks Backlash After Including Footage Of Auschwitz In 'WrestleMania' Promo

WWE quickly edited the video hyping the matchup between Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio after fans pointed out the awkward inclusion.

Screenshot of Dominik Mysterio; Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau entrance gate
WWE; Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In the world of TV and film, there are goofs that slip past editors and make it to the final cut, like a coffee cup in Game of Thrones.

And then there's this.

In a promo for Wrestlemania 39, viewers noticed a major editing flub in a video hyping the much-anticipated match between WWE veteran Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik.

In the video, a visibly angry and fueled Dominik—who served a very brief time in jail for attacking his father Rey on Christmas—raged:

"You think this is a game to me? I served hard time, and I survived."
"Prison changes a man."

The video is laced with various flashes of prison photos: barbed wire, cells, etc...

But some viewers noticed one of the photos was of Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp used by Nazis for mass extermination.

Poor oversight is an understatement.

You can see the promo below.

Those who recognized the image took to Twitter and called out WWE.

WWE has yet to comment, but by the time the promo hit the main show the image was removed from the video.

Still... not soon enough.