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Woman's Photoshopped Pic Of Her With Michael B. Jordan Helps Her Score An Actual Picture With Him IRL πŸ˜‚


If you're a fan of Michael B. Jordan or adorable internet shenanigans then you probably heard the story of Twitter user @BeeBabs and her genius plot to "reunite" with her long lost love. She took to twitter with a made-up story, some hilariously terrible photoshop and some seriously admirable commitment to a joke. Little did she know how far that joke would actually take her.

Here's her original post:

Twitter loved her post so much that they just played along and pulled screenshots from Michael's roles to give her "updates" on his life. The story picked up steam and eventually made its way back to Michael himself. When we last checked in with her, she left us with this little teaser tidbit:

And all of us sat eagerly awaiting the next chapter like:

So here we go with that next chapter. She managed to get herself admission to the Creed 2 Q&A where sis shot her shot. We'll let her break it down for you.

And people in the crowd were absolutely on her team. Check it out.

It happened, you guys. It actually happened. Her silly little tweet and commitment to the bit ended up landing her an actual moment with Michael. Not only did it get her that picture - but she wasn't the one who asked for it. Michael did. Oh ... and he loved it.

So look, we're not saying to go out and terribly photoshop yourself into situations with "long lost" celebrity loves... but Michael B. Jordan absolutely just set the precedent here. It works - or at least it worked this time. So why not go ahead and shoot your shot? Speaking of ... does anyone know what Anderson .Paak is up to right now? Just asking. Ya know... for a friend.

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