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Woman Tells Uber Driver To 'Go Back To Asia' In Drunken Rant As Her Friends Try To Stop Her

Woman Tells Uber Driver To 'Go Back To Asia' In Drunken Rant As Her Friends Try To Stop Her

Alcohol does tend to expose the worst in people, as an Uber driver unfortunately found out with a drunk passenger over the weekend.

A video, circulating on YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok, caught by an Uber driver from Charlotte, North Carolina shows a drunk woman named Stella who was asked to leave the driver's vehicle.

Watch here:

The woman, incensed, started hurling racial slurs at the driver. As she continued to fly off in a rage, her friends tried to calm her down and take her away from the driver.

One companion in particular, the man in the video, kept attempting to get her away from the car.

When she yelled "Go back to Asia!" he became agitated and tried to get her away from the driver.

"I work all day, and you guys give me the wrong sh*t here," the driver says when he is approached by the man. "I'm gonna call 911. I'm gonna wait right here."

The woman in the video has since been identified as Stella Thomas, a marketing manager for the company AB Ludvig Svensson.

The company issued a statement.

"Our company enforces a multicultural environment and unfortunately this is something people do," a representative of Svensson told Queen City Nerve.

"She's been with the company a long time and she's been a very good asset."

The President of the company, Mauricio Manotas, said in a statement action was being taken, though he was unclear what actions.

"We at Ludvig Svensson strongly object to this kind of behavior. Disciplinary actions are being taken as we speak. We support a safe and all-inclusive work environment."

Public records, however, show Manotas and Thomas own a home together in the city of Charlotte, so hope for consequences remains low.

A pattern of anti-Asian violence has been plaguing the United States since the outbreak of the pandemic in mid-2020. Unfortunately that racist pattern appears to still be alive and well.