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Woman Horrified After Mistakenly Swallowing One Of Her AirPods Thinking It Was Her Painkiller

Woman Horrified After Mistakenly Swallowing One Of Her AirPods Thinking It Was Her Painkiller

A TikToker named Carli Bellmer went viral when she posted about accidentally swallowed her AirPod thinking it was a 800 milligram iBuprofen.

It seems like Bellmer can laugh about it now, but she was absolutely devastated when she realized what she did.

She had to repost the video on her second channel because it was taken down for a "violation of community guidelines" due to some smoking paraphernalia that was shown in the background, but the second video still reached 2.7 million views and over 300 thousand likes.

In the original video, Bellmer was seen crying and explained:

"So like, I ate my f*cking left AirPod."
"I literally ate it."
"I was crawling into bed and I had an iBuprofen 800 in one hand and my f*cking left earbud in the other."

She showed her AirPod case on her key ring:

"I meant to go put it in here."
"And I threw something back, took my water bottle and took a sip, and then realized it wasn't the iBuprofen."

She said she tried to make herself throw it up but that didn't work.

In a separate video, Bellmer also explained that she disconnected her AirPods from her phone but a notification popped up from Apple thinking that she lost her AirPod.

The notification read:

"An AirPods Pro has been moving with you for a while. The owner can see its location. You can play a sound to find it."

She called her doctor and was waiting for an answer, but nearly 24 hours later and she still hadn't passed it.


Finally out of clock app jail. Heres an update on the ACCIDENTAL airpod situation! Algorithm do ur thing #fyp #LevisMusicProject #airpodsjump

The comments were truly hilarious.




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If you were wondering if she could hear sound coming from her stomach, like so many commenters did, she confirmed it was faint but it was there.


Bellmer was met with skepticism, but she said:

"I'm not the first to do this and I definitely won't be the last."

It's true. Not too long ago, a man swallowed his AirPod and it showed up in an x-ray.

Unlike that man's story, Bellmer didn't have the AirPod stuck in her throat. It went right into her stomach.

She even shared a voice memo she sent to a friend when it happened and it sounds like it was recording from inside her stomach.


Reply to @k4yb3e here’s the VOICE MEMO sent to @jelb0_







Bellmer did eventually pass the AirPod. She had an x-ray done to see if it was still there and thankfully it wasn't.

Bellmer said she did not "retrieve" the AirPod after it came out the other end.