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Man Who Was Pronounced Dead Explains What Dying Feels Like In Eye-Opening Viral Video

A video shared by Redditor Sufficient-Bug-9112 is sparking conversation about what happens after we die after a man opened up about his experience to a stranger on the street.

Reddit screenshots of the man talking to the street interviewer

In a now-viral video shared by Redditor Sufficient-Bug-9112, a man who was pronounced dead explains to a street interviewer what dying feels like.

The interviewer actually pulled the man aside only to ask him about his broken glasses but was in for a surprise when he got the backstory.

Explaining to the interviewer how his glasses broke, the man revealed:

“I had a seizure. It’s pretty crazy to talk about."
"But yeah I had a seizure last week and it’s fallout from, like, my death from last year. I died like...”

The interviewer cut him off:

“You're dead?”

The man then elaborated:

“Yeah, I had what’s called a craniectomy—I had a blood clot in my brain and it grew to the size of my brain, popped my skull open when I was working out from LA Cafe."
"And then I was in a coma for two weeks. I was pronounced dead."
"My vitals came back on in the ambulance. I survived a six-hour surgery, it’s called a craniectomy. And it was a 42% fatality rate."
"And my doctor calls me ‘coin-flipper’ because I flipped a coin on my life, and I had a bad coin and I still won.”

The interviewer then asked the man what dying felt like, to which he responded:


He continued:

“You don’t see anything. I mean, I’m not saying nobody sees anything."
"I did not see anything, and I’ve always thought stories like that are kind of like bs or whatever, but now that I’ve been through it, what I can say is true is that a lot of people say is, ‘life flashes before your eyes.”
“Like every, every memory, I’m telling you. Every single memory you’ve ever made in your entire life will rush past you at, like, light-speed."
"And you get to a point where whatever pain you might be feeling, you don’t feel it anymore. And you kind of just start to not even understand what’s going on and then either you’ll be back, or you won’t.”

But then he shared:

“But it’s very peaceful and honestly, one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with is accepting to be back alive after I died."

The interviewer, puzzled, asked:

“Wow, wait, so it’s harder for you to accept you’re alive than being dead?”

The man replied:

“Yes. It was really peaceful, and it was honestly something that I struggled with for a long time."
"And I’m feeling better now, and I hope it always stays that way.”

You can watch the video below.

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We're definitely happy to hear he's feeling better now.

What a crazy experience to be able to share with others.