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TikToker's Story Of Being Nearly Stabbed To Death By Haunted Corn Maze Worker Is Truly Horrifying

TikToker Laura Wood opened up about a horrific injury she received at a haunted corn maze after an employee accidentally stabbed her with a pair of real knives.

TikTok screenshots of Laura Wood

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after revealing she was nearly stabbed to death at a haunted corn maze.

In her first video—which has since been taken off the platform—TikToker Laura Wood shared she visited the corn maze a few weeks before Halloween for a friend's birthday.

She said there were lots of strobe lights and screams and then she heard a "snap." Wood said she felt a "warm wetness" on her arm and looked down to find it was her own blood.

According to The Daily Dot, she explained:

“I looked at my hand while the strobe lights were happening, ’cause I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea why my hands were wet, and the strobe lights, at some point, were white, so I was able to see that there was blood on my hand."

It wasn't until her friend used her flashlight on Wood's arm that she realized the screams were real, as they had been pranking each other with screams all night.

Soon after, the workers broke character to assist her, and the owner accompanied her to the hospital.

Because of the snapping noise, they concluded that a tree branch must have broken and sliced her arm, but given the extent of the injury, Wood's doctor said that was not a possible scenario.

However, both the owner and the police determined the injury was caused by a nail or tree branch.


One of the actors from the maze reached out to the creator's brother to check on her and revealed she saw what happened.

Apparently, although he was told not to by both the owner of the maze and his own parents, the actor who stabbed Wood brought real knives to work.

“So the corn maze told him ‘no,’ and his parents—he ended up asking his parents if he could bring his knives—and they said no. From my understanding, it was a really, really big knife."
“What had happened was, he was hiding in the bushes while I was passing, so he was doing his job, so that’s not the problem."
“The problem is when he jumped out."
“They say it’s an accident, I don’t know if I believe that. He had jumped out of the bushes with his hands like this [crossed like an x], with the knives in his hands.”

While the original video was taken down, Wood has posted several others about the incident.

One was a stitch that jumped on a trend featuring TikToker @Susi saying:

"Call me crazy if you want, but I've never liked store-bought pesto.

Wood then told her own "crazy" story.

"This reminds me of my own crazy story from a few years back."
"I went to a haunted corn maze with my friends. Ended up having a great time until one of the workers actually stabbed me with a knife, almost killing me."
"So thanks for reminding me Susi."

#stitch with @Susi currently working on story times. Im just know realizing how crazy this story actually is #greenscreen #neardeathexperences #cornmazes #spookyszn #stabby #hauntedtiktok #hauntedtiktok #killerclown #joker

In an eight-second TikTok posted just four days ago to the audio "All American B*tch" by Gray, Wood added the text:

"When the worker at a haunted corn maze stabbed me and only got community service and I got a lifetime of phantom pains and PTSD."

The video has been viewed more than 3.2 million times already.

You can watch below.


At least I’m alive! Im working on a story time. It’s going to be in parts so i am making them all at the same time so y’all don’t need to wait. #cornmazes #neardeathexperences #spookyszn #stabby #hauntedtiktok #killerclown #joker

Viewers of the TikToks were absolutely terrified over the incident, many expressing that what Wood experienced is their greatest fear.





And, of course, they wanted to hear how it all played out.

So Wood posted a part 2 in which she showed off her injury and also detailed what went down after they figured out what actually happened at the corn maze.

She revealed that the police went to the attacker's house and confronted the "sobbing" worker. They ended up finding the knife with Wood's blood still on it.

Soon after, they had a court hearing where he was sentenced to five days of juvenile detention and "just a buttload of community service."

She also revealed that a couple of years after the incident, they ended up at the same church event together.

Apparently, he did not remember her...and even asked for her phone number!

After he approached her and said she looked familiar, Wood told him why.

“Should’ve seen the light drain from his face when I told him why I looked familiar."

You can watch that video below.

Viewers of the follow-up TikTok were not buying that the worker did not recognize her.





Some people in the comments also wanted to know how Wood's injury was healing, so she posted a video of her scar.

You can see below.


Replying to @Rose what my stab wound looks like almost a decade later #greenscreen #pt2 #stabbystab #cornmaze #neardeathexperences #killerclown

What an incredibly terrifying experience...

We're so glad she's okay!