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Woman Shows Off Custom 'Trump Gown' She Had Made For Wisconsin Rally—And It's...A Lot

Woman Shows Off Custom 'Trump Gown' She Had Made For Wisconsin Rally—And It's...A Lot

A woman who attended a rally former President Donald Trump held in Waukesha, Wisconsin went viral after she showed off a custom "Trump gown" she had specifically made for the occasion.

The gown, a mix of the colors red, white, and blue, "represents God and country," said the woman, who spoke about her dress to the right-wing Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN.)

You can watch the moment in the video below.

The woman said:

"This [the dress] is Wisconsin's very own Trump gown."
"I had this made... I bought all the fabric for it and it represents God and country."
"It represents President Trump."

Evangelicals have been described as a "key cog" of Trump's political base.

Evangelicals played a major role in delivering Trump the presidency in 2016 and would likely be central to a prospective third Trump run for the White House.

The moment went viral and many were quick to point out the absurdity of such overtly cultish behavior.

Trump's rallies are well known for the oddball behavior of his supporters, often involving outright cult-like adulation.

Many of the former President's supporters have attracted attention for making bizarre claims based on far-out conspiracy theories prevalent within the right-wing ecosystem.

Earlier this year, a woman who attended a rally Trump held in Michigan went viral after she claimed the Space Force has information the 2020 general election was stolen and will ultimately work with Trump to overturn the free and fair election result that found Biden the rightful winner of both the popular and electoral votes.

The woman, who identified herself only as Julie, did not explain how the Space Force—created by Trump as a new branch of the military in December 2019—obtained this information or why they have chosen not to act on it.

Nonetheless, she seemed utterly convinced this information would lead to a global reckoning over "the deep state," a widely discredited conspiracy theory that claims the existence of a clandestine group that exercises power from within high levels of government, finance and industry in the United States.