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Woman Facepalms After Finding Out The Sofa She Sold For $500 Is Worth More Than 40 Times That

Woman Facepalms After Finding Out The Sofa She Sold For $500 Is Worth More Than 40 Times That

A woman has gone viral after turning to TikTok to share her recent experience with Seller's Remorse.

For Jules Schreiner, who shared the video on TikTok, it began when she got a free couch. She then tried to turn around and sell it on Facebook Marketplace to make a tidy profit.

All was looking good when she quickly received a reply from some guy who offered her $500 for the couch. Jules was thrilled, got the thing off her hands and walked home with a nice windfall.

But then, as Schreiner went on to explain in the video, she saw the buyer excitedly post the couch on his Instagram, where he proudly mentioned the brand.

For Schreiner, he seemed a little too excited.

So she did some quick Googling and discovered that the couch was in fact designed by Vladimir Kagan, a German-born furniture design legend.

Needless to say, Schreiner's old couch was worth far more than $500. Schreiner went on to share in her video a similar style couch, used, was going for upwards of $20,000.

Schreiner's disappointed, regretful face throughout the entire video said it all.


Thought I got a great deal on FB market place but ya know things are always too good to be true #sold #foryoupage #stupid #luckyme

A few people who saw the video lamented along with Schreiner.

Nancy Tarula/TikTok



But far more viewers were suspicious.

Serge Fx/TikTok

Nicholas Halley/TikTok

Sarah Cake/TikTok

And one person shared their view that, real or not, the couch doesn't have to be such a sore subject for Shreiner.


The moral of the story?

Take a couple of breaths when you get an offer online, do a little research and come prepared for the deal.