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Woman Leaves Bad Review For Restaurant After Complaining About Their Food, Despite Eating All Of It—And The Restaurant Claps Back With The Receipts

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An Irish restaurant found that a customer was lying about her "negative" dining experience when they checked their own resources to see what the disturbance may have been.

Reddit user u/Saolgg shared an unbelievable story based on this review:

The restaurant responded quickly and privately to the user:

The restaurant, disbelieving of the reviewer's story, especially since it was an issue they'd discussed the previous day, came back with every single one of the receipts from their own security footage.

Fo those of you who are curious, "red sauce" is ketchup. Also, Caoimhe is a name.

People who read the response were floored by the restaurant's response.

Wow, I love how the CC footage was reviewed to completely debunk this person's review.
And what the hell is "red sauce"? Does the reviewer mean ketchup?


Of course her name is Linda. I'm not sure what she was expecting to get out of her bad review. What a turd.


It's unbelievable to me how people will act. I worked food service for years and had a few of these types from time to time. They really believe we don't know when they're fishing for free food.


Witnessed such CB today, but sadly not for first time. Ate the same meal I did, and it was good. I cleaned the plate. Everybody in the restaurant did, it is a signature dish of the restaurant, and even when both chefs are on sick leave, the other staff knows how to make this dish, as they prepare it every single day. The guy even asked for a piece of bread to clean out every drop of the sauce, and when waiter came he started complaining. A full on tirade. But the waiter had none of it, and said it sure couldn't be as bad as he says if he licked the plate clean. The guy really picked wrong day to air his miserable life grievances, because other people started piling on about how he disgustingly even licked his knife, not to mention he barely used the knife because he ate half of it with a spoon, like a soldier in a war trench.


10/10 would eat there simply because of this post.
It's clear that the owner and employees truly care and make a sincere effort. I worked in restaurants for years in my teens and early 20s. I know how rare it is to have people who give a shit.
Where is this place located ? I really would like to eat there.


The audacity of someone who not only got amazing service but lied about it and then expected....exactly, what? From the restaurant?

Yes. Reddit was certainly not having it.

Spend a few months working food service and your view of what bad service actually means is permanently changed.

Restaurants run on pretty thin margins. Don't try to complain to get free shit or be a dick to the people who make your food in a mom and pop place unless something is actually wrong. Those folks put in long hours regularly to make things they're proud to serve.

On the flip side, as customers, if a local joint gets it right, tell them. Seriously. Post a good review. Ask for a manager and tell them that x person did great or y person went above and beyond. Positive feedback is rare and when it happens you can quite literally make someone's day or help that person get a raise.

Sometimes if I don't like something at a resteraunt, I will ask for something else, but I fully intend to pay for both meals, I'm just hungry. If they surprise me and comp my meal, I will leave the cost of said meal along with the tip I was initially planning to pay my server.


I had a weirdo do this when I was waitressing.
This woman and her two kids and husband came in, she ordered a large plate of french fries and ate all of them and then wanted her money back bc of the burnt crumbs left.


The fact that so many people also do similar things on Yelp shows you how crazy consumer culture has become when capitalism is so cruel and oppressive both to them and also to the businesses in question.

Just be careful if you ever do it, you might get caught red handed.

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