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Woman Discovers Neighbor Is Talk Radio Host After Hearing Him Complain About Her On Air


When moving to a new city, one always hopes to make a good impression with your new neighbors.

But TikToker @sabinahbaby or Sabina—who recently relocated from Philadelphia to Chicago—found out she had not in an embarrassing way.

While listening to the radio, Sabina discovered one of her new neighbors is radio host Justin of 101.1 WKQX's Brian, Ali and Justin. She heard live on air how her efforts to be neighborly were not appreciated.

She posted a video about it to her TikTok page.

Accompanied with the overlay "Me finding out my neighbor is a radio host" the 30-second video captured Sabina's reactions as she listened to Justin complain about her.

He said:

"I have a new neighbor and all she wants to do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk."
"I'm like 'no, no, no, no, no, that's not what this is, I live here'."

After his co-host joked she got the wrong neighbor, Justin replied:

"You know what's so funny, she literally said that."
"She goes, 'I was so excited, I just moved here from Philly, I was excited to move in the building, get to know my neighbors, and then I got YOU'."

While Justin's co-hosts could be heard laughing at his story, Sabina did not appear to find the humor in it.

Justin finished off his story by giving her a direct message:

"Yeah, my bad girl. Don't talk to me."

Her video got over 11.2 Million views.

Many were less than thrilled with Justin's behavior.






Also among the video's 11.2 million viewers was Justin himself.

He also left a comment, claiming the whole story wasn't told.


Justin also made a post on his own TikTok page.


After getting death threats, calls to my employers and the movement to get me cancelled I thought it would be good to hear from @sabinahbaby for the full story. Listen to it on Brian, Ali and Justin podcast. #badneighbors

Justin claimed he received more backlash outside of the comments section for Sabina's video.

"After getting death threats, calls to my employers and the movement to get me cancelled I thought it would be good to hear from @sabinahbaby for the full story."
"Listen to it on Brian, Ali and Justin podcast."

The story was indeed the subject of his podcast on October 28.

Justin defended his behavior, saying his job requires him to talk and be "on" all day every day. He doesn't find himself in the mood to talk with neighbors when he gets home.

Justin's listeners called in and agreed Justin's behavior was understandable, with some even stating Sabina was the jerk.

Sabina then called into the show herself.

She said in her initial discussion upon meeting Justin, he responded to her by saying "this isn't a sitcom, this isn't friends" resulting in Justin conceding he could have "packaged" his words better.

Sabina did oblige Justin's request for a part 2:


Reply to @kqxjustin

She said it was fine Justin didn't want to be friends with her and urged her TikTok followers to stop sending him hate mail.

However, people felt she owed him no apology, saying Justin was 'gaslighting' her was in no position to demand an apology when he bad mouthed her on air multiple times.

She subsequently posted a tongue-in-cheek video on TikTok, mocking the whole situation.

It seems clear Justin won't apologize for his behavior, but he'd better be prepared as Sabina won't accept the public bashing without a response.