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Woman Who Coughed On Mom And Child In Grocery Store Fired After Internet Sleuths Expose Her

Woman Who Coughed On Mom And Child In Grocery Store Fired After Internet Sleuths Expose Her

In less than a week, social media sleuths tracked down a woman who was filmed purposefully coughing on a mother and teenage in a grocery store. Once they exposed where she works, she was fired.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Janene Hoskovec was seen following the two around the store, coughing on them, because they were both wearing masks. The city of Lincoln declared as of August 24th a renewed mask mandate for anyone over the age of two, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors.

Luckily, the mother recorded the woman and her teenaged posted it to TikTok. The original video gained over 150 views but has since been taken down.

TikToker @thatdaneshguy screen recorded the video and shared it with his 11.1 million followers.

The text over the video read:

"She WOULD NOT leave us alone."
"She followed us in the store and coughed on us EVEN WHEN the employee told her to leave us alone."

When multiple people can be heard telling Hoskovec to leave her alone, she claimed she had "allergies."

She continued:

"You don't know anything about my health. Maybe I have a medical [condition]."

But Danesh interjected and caught her in her lie.

Later in the video, when someone asked why Hoskovec didn't have a mask on she said:

"Because I don't need to have one on."
"I'm not sick and neither are you."

The original video that Danesh uploaded was taken down because many people wanted to be sure that he wasn't confusing Janene with her sister Jolene. Without a doubt, it was Janene.

TikTokers and Instagram users revealed that Hoskovec is an Arizona native and employee of SAP, a software company based in Germany. Enough people reached out to the company that they made a statement about it.

That same day, SAP decided to fire Janene Hoskovec.

Danesh posted a pretty hilarious video about the consequences of her actions.


Reply to @stephlstamp she's fired. Next up, we want to see mugshots. @guilt we did it!

He followed up with Hoskovec's reaction to all of this that she posted to her linked in profile.

She did not seem remorseful for her actions, stating:

"I tolerate your hate so I can capture the identities of those who threaten harm."
"Welcome to the modern social media viper pit. Many of you should be ashamed."
"You do not know the whole story and have not seen the videos plural in their entirety."
"I now know how our men in blue feel when they are wrongly convicted by the social media mob and antifa."

She continued:

"And, special thanks to those who called me a hero."

Danesh captioned the photo with:

"Take your company name out of your header, you're unemployed."
"Can't wait for criminal charges."


Hoskovec also changed her LinkedIn profile to say:

"Thinking about becoming an attorney who prosecutes people making online threats."


A few people wanted to see her arrested and the Daily Dot reports that some even called the local district attorney's office.





The news even made it's way over to a subreddit specifically for people who act like Hoskovec.

KatoZee commented:

"Sometimes the internet can be used as a force for good."

Hoskovec seems to have deleted her other social media accounts.