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Woman Angers Her Dad After Reaching Out To His Former Mistress To Try To Understand The Affair That Destroyed Her Parents' Marriage

Woman Angers Her Dad After Reaching Out To His Former Mistress To Try To Understand The Affair That Destroyed Her Parents' Marriage
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Divorce is already a difficult and messy situation to be in, but it becomes even more complicated as more people become involved.

As for children, all parents have to make the decision as to how much information they can and should share.

But in some cases, the children may determine the simple story they've heard is not enough.

For one college student who lived through multiple difficult years with her parents while they fought their way to the decision to get a divorce, she needed more information than the little her parents disclosed to her.

Reddit user "tetrl9" went the distance and discovered her father's mistress, who she believed was the sole reason for the destruction of her parents' marriage.

She actually had the opportunity to speak to the woman and clear some details of the story up, which made her feel better.

But when the news broke out that she had sought the woman out for information, her father's reactions were a little less than savory.

In an attempt to reflect on her family's situation, and her personal decision to seek the woman out, the Reddit user sought advice on the sub-Reddit, "Am I the A$$hole."

You can read the full story here:

Fellow Redditors were quick not only to share their own stories of coming from divorced families and witnessing unfaithful parents, but also to point out that their fellow Reddit user wasn't a jerk for wanting to know more.

"NTA. When a parent cheats on their spouse, they are betraying their children as well. You father hurt you with his actions. You are entitled to seek what you need to heal from that hurt. I am happy that things worked out for you, that his Mistress was able to give you some closure, I am also sorry that it was necessary in the first place."
"Your Dad is just mad that he is still facing consequences from his actions." - BotanicalBrunchSkunk
"NTA. You had questions that you wanted answers to. OP, I think you went about this correctly, and your dad was just mad that you found out about him. He's mad that you, "went behind his back", but that's what he was doing to begin with." - cyanocittaetprocyon
"Went behind his back? "YES DAD ISN'T IT AWFUL WHEN SOMEONE DOES THAT WHAT AN AWFUL FEELING. I'm surprised your mother wasn't doing a victory dance in the background!"
"NTA. Now you know the truth and where the blame squarely lies." - ropata-guatemala

In this young woman's situation, it's good to see the rest of her family was supportive of her decision, even though her father was unhappy about it.

It's also refreshing to see people gathering together on Reddit to share stories and support, during a situation that is so much harder to go through alone.