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Video Of Guy Berating His Cancer-Stricken Wife For Not Making Him Jalapeño Poppers Sparks Fury

TikToker 'Team Double G' filmed as her husband chastised her for not making him his favorite snack while he was out golfing due to her cancer treatment.

screenshots of man complaining on TikTok about cooking jalapeño poppers for himself

There's nothing wrong with saying it's comforting to come home to a home-cooked meal.

But when we start to demand our partner make these meals—no matter what else they might be going through—that's when it becomes a problem.

A series of videos on TikTok by "Team Double G" led to a serious debate in the comments section and on Twitter as viewers looked on as a husband berated his wife for not cooking for him while he was out golfing.

But to make matters worse, his wife was not cooking because she was undergoing cancer treatments.

The first video in the series was captioned:

"Poor guy had to make his own jalapeño poppers."

You can watch the video here:


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The husband was angry because he was putting together jalapeño poppers at the last minute before watching a game.

He berated his wife for not preparing them while he was golfing, so they could sit down to watch the game together.

"I have to do this now, and the game starts in ten minutes."
"You could have done this while I was gone."

The husband even used air quotes when talking about his wife's cancer treatment.

"You sat on your keister all day today because you had a 'treatment'."

The whining continued in the second video as the husband removed the jalapeño poppers from the oven.


#mylove#husbandwife #myperson

He bragged about making them himself then he put all but one popper on his plate.

He pointed at the one remaining popper and said:

"That one is for you."
"You're welcome."
"I made it."

TikTokers and Twitter users were furious on the wife's behalf for how she was treated.

The general consensus was:

Dump Him GIFGiphy







In this situation, karma was best served spicy when the husband got jalapeño juice in his eye.


#jalepenopoppers #mancook#tomuchalcohol #lol

Followers were entertained by how something so simple served as payback.

However, before this happens...

angry mob GIFGiphy

In the two final videos, the couple showed it was all meant in good fun.

The two clearly enjoyed banter in their relationship and joked about how the woman needed to be in the kitchen.

But one video depicted the husband taking care of himself while they joked about her cooking for him.


#husbandwife #bestfriends#lovers#myfavoriteperson#myking#

In the last video, the husband was loading the dishwasher and it was indicated he does chores around the house, as well.


#hisbandandwife #bff❤️ #myperson#

This just goes to show that every relationship is different.

While some will survive on compliments and romance, others are driven by humor, especially during a difficult time like this when someone is undergoing cancer treatments.