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Video Of A Moving Truck Parked Outside The White House Has Biden Supporters Taking It As A 'Good Omen'

Video Of A Moving Truck Parked Outside The White House Has Biden Supporters Taking It As A 'Good Omen'

In a bizarre week like this that's full of all kinds of uncertainties, everything begins to look like a sign or harbinger of doom.

But a moving truck in front of the White House--a White House tinted blue by the camera angle, no less--during an ongoing election count? In which President Trump appears fairly likely to lose?

Well, that just seems like a message of some kind! And many Biden supporters on Twitter definitely took notice.

Why the truck was actually there remains a mystery, and no explanation was offered by C-SPAN, from whose feed the image derived.

But regardless of the reason, given the way the election seems to be trending, it's hard to argue that the optics for President Trump aren't downright terrible, as several Twitter users pointed out.

Despite the President's wee hours declaration of victory on Election Night, things are not trending well for the current occupant of the White House.

With the exception of the Republican stronghold of Alaska and North Carolina, where Trump is expected to retain his current lead, President Trump is trending poorly in all other outstanding states across the country.

Trump is narrowly behind Biden in Arizona and Nevada; tied with him in a 49 to 49 dead heat in Georgia; and ahead in Pennsylvania by just three tenths of a point.

It is definitely still possible for Trump to pull off a win. But with the vast majority of the outstanding votes to be counted coming from urban and suburban counties around the major cities in each state—areas that lean heavily toward the Democratic Party in most elections—Trump is not expected to fare well as the tallying continues.

In short: A relocation out of the White House seems more and more imminent, and an image of a moving truck in front of it seems downright prescient. And folks on Twitter definitely picked up on the vibes.

All manner of Biden supporters began calling the image a "good omen" and hypothesizing about what it all might mean.

A second theory also emerged: That First Lady Melania Trump was getting a jump on things and leaving her husband now, for good measure.

We may never know what this truck was for, but it seems like we'll know very soon whether there will be a change of occupancy for the White House in January.