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Anti-Choice Protesters With 'We Will Adopt Your Baby' Sign Get Mercilessly Trolled By Twitter

Anti-Choice Protesters With 'We Will Adopt Your Baby' Sign Get Mercilessly Trolled By Twitter
@NoelleFitchett/Twitter; @Manda_like_wine/Twitter

On Friday, SCOTUS struck down Roe v Wade as part of a decision to uphold a Mississippi law that banned abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

With almost half of the country in the process of issuing either an outright ban on abortions or restrictions on reproductive care, protestors denouncing the shocking decision have taken to the streets and encouraged everyone to vote in the November midterms for a Democratic victory.

Among the protesters were pro-lifers celebrating the 6-3 conservative majority opinion to reverse the ruling that previously gave people constitutional protections for their reproductive rights for nearly half a century.

One of the key reasonings these anti-abortion protesters repeatedly bring up is the misleading "adoption over abortion" argument, which is not viable.

Regardless of whether or not a person plans to give up their baby for adoption, many states will now force them to carry a baby to full term and subject them to trauma and risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth-–including maternal death.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US has the highest maternal mortality rate with 23.8 deaths for every 100,000 births.

A couple who strongly believes that adoption can easily negate the need for abortions was seen in front of the Supreme Court relishing in the victory over the high court's controversial decision.

Amidst the sea of furious and mournful protesters condeming the repeal of Roe, the cheerful couple offered a solution with a sign that read, "we will adopt your baby."

A photo of them flashing their full set of teeth in joyous revelry circulated online, and it prompted memes that highlighted the unsettling reality of their victory.

They might even have babysitting covered.

Some Twitter users gave the photo a makeover with the Photoshop treatment.


The sign wasn't the only thing manipulated...or was it?


Now that's an order!


No thank you.


"Seems problematic," wrote @HaverOfOpinions.


They are acting on faith.


Mel Magazine identified the couple in the viral photo as Sebastian Schuff and Neydy Casillas.

They apparently aren't even qualified to adopt in the country since neither are US citizens.

Further internet sleuthing suggested Casillas is notoriously known as an anti-LGBT and anti-civil rights legal advisor in South America.