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We Can Totally Relate To These Tricky Words That People Admit They Constantly Misspell 💯

We Can Totally Relate To These Tricky Words That People Admit They Constantly Misspell 💯
Richard Drury visa Getty Images; Twitter: @MulhollandLynne

The English language is a weird conglomerate of so many other languages it's difficult to remember the way some words are spelt…spelled?

Forget it!

What I'm trying to say is, it's difficult to know how to spell certain words.

That said, when asked by Declan Cashin on Twitter about their most difficult word, people responded in droves.

Cashin shared that deodorant trips them up.

A lot of responses were given with some of the most popular words being "definitely", "unnecessary", and "restaurant".

Some people could help with ways to remember how to spell some words.

Everyone knows the "I before E, except after C" rhyme (you know, the one that doesn't work more often that it does), but few know it continues with "And when it says Ay, like in neighbor and weigh."

While this won't help with every word that has I and E, it helps with a lot.

The difference between desert and dessert has caught many online off guard. To remember that dessert is the after dinner sweet, just think of the two S's as in Strawberry Shortcake.

Another one that trips people up is whether to use A or E in certain words.

Affect vs Effect? Accept vs Except?

The rule here is A is for Actions. E is for Events. Affect is a verb, while effect is often a noun.

However, sometimes it's too much and we just give up entirely.

Despite the recurrence of certain words, and the mnemonic devices people suggested, there was one word that kept tripping everyone up.

One word that snuck up on you like the effects of eating Taco Bell. One word that is a problem whether you can spell it or not.

And that word is "diarrhea".

People are still responding to the tweet, showing it's a popular question.

Sometimes it's just nice to share in the knowledge that you're not alone in your misspellings. But with the internet, let's hope some people learn they can spell check before posting their tweets.