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NBA Game Dissolves Into Utter Chaos After Courtside Fan Vomits All Over The Floor

NBA Game Dissolves Into Utter Chaos After Courtside Fan Vomits All Over The Floor
@Hoops Nerd/YouTube

A game between the Sacramento Kings and the Utah Jazz at Sacramento's Golden 1 Center came to a screeching halt this past Saturday all because of one very, shall we say, overexcited fan.

Seated in an enviable courtside seat, this unlucky fan proceeded to vomit all over the floor, causing a near 15-minute delay as the brave custodial staff of the Golden 1 Center cleaned up the mess.

The fan in question, who was apparently inebriated, was eventually escorted from the game along with his companion.

The well documented incident proved to overshadow anything that happened at the game before and after, as Utah Jazz point guard Donovan Mitchell told Deseret News.

"I can't even lie, I was just focused on getting out of the way."
"I didn't pay attention to anybody else. Just, no parts. I wanted no parts of that."

Quin Snyder, head coach for the Utah Jazz, went on to say this was not the only trouble this unfortunate fan caused that night.

"He was razzing me through the whole game, Well, at least through the first three quarters."

As was to be expected, the incident also became a viral sensation on social media.

The basketball commentary centered YouTube page Hoops Nerd posted a fairly detailed play by play of the vomit and its aftermath.

Declaring it one of the "craziest things [they'd] ever seen at an NBA game,'' the video captured the vomiting fan in clear and graphic fashion, resulting in those seated near him quickly distancing themselves.

As the poor staff quickly rushed to clean up the mess, the video cut to Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton, looking visibly displeased by the delay this caused.

One wonders if he knew at the time that this would be his final game as the Kings' coach, as he was fired the next day following a considerable losing streak for the Kings.

After showing the fan being escorted from the stadium, the video cut to team members of both the Jazz and the Kings, and their amusement and repulsion at the situation.

Several of those reactions subsequently went viral on Twitter.

The Utah Jazz tweeted a video of guard Jordan Clarkson, clearly trying to make the most of the situation by playing around.

Clarkson's playful moment was also part of a post on the Jazz's Instagram page, featuring more reactions from the team accompanied by a cheeky voiceover.

NBC Sports California's Morgan Ragan shared a live capture of the incident, documenting the Golden 1 Center's DJ attempting to lighten the situation by playing the Beatles song "Help" as the staff began to clean up the mess.

ABC 10 Sacramento's Sean Cunningham and USA Today's Sam Amick, meanwhile revealed just as the indisposed fan was escorted from the stadium, the Jumbotron flashed a warning this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

ESPN's James Ham gave a special shout out to the clean up crew, declaring them the "real heroes" of the night.

The Sacramento Bee's Jason Anderson let it be known the heroic cleanup crew included the Sacramento Kings' mascot, Slamson.

Indeed, sports commentators seemed to have trouble going back to reporting on the game itself, as the Salt Lake Tribune's Andy Larsen also found himself reporting in even more detail about the player's reaction to what one can only imagine was a unique instance in NBA history.

Kings and Jazz fans, as well as basketball aficionados and sports fanatics, also wasted no time in having a bit of fun at what felt like a scene out of a Farrelly brothers film more than an NBA game.

Inconvenient as the delay was to players and fans alike, Jordan Clarkson told Deseret News he has no ill will toward the unlucky fan.

"To that kid that was throwing up, shoot, we've all had nights like that."
"I hope he's good. Drink a little Pedialyte, get some electrolytes, drink some water and tomorrow he'll be straight."

One hopes the Sacramento Kings weren't feeling too down after this unforgettable night, in spite of being defeated by the Salt Lake Jazz 123-105.