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Wild Video Captures Bear Cub In Back Of A Truck After Getting 'High' On Hallucinogenic Honey

Wild Video Captures Bear Cub In Back Of A Truck After Getting 'High' On Hallucinogenic Honey

A bear acting funny after eating some honey has caught the attention of Twitter users around the world.

The video out of Turkey showed a bear cub intoxicated by hallucinogenic honey. The substance is also referred to as "mad honey."

Turkish media outlet @dokuz8haber originally shared the video online.

The Google translation of the Turkish caption read:

"Gluttony ended with veterinary clinic"
"The bear, who ate the honey in the hives of the beekeepers producing bitter honey in the Yığılca district of Düzce, passed out."
"While the bear, which was taken by the teams of the Forestry Directorate, was placed in the box of the pickup truck, his drunken state made him smile."
"The bear's treatment continues."

In the video, the young animal can be seen sitting in the back of a pick up truck, uncomfortable, dazed and confused.

People on Twitter made jokes about the bear's apparent bad trip:

Turkish forestry personnel rescued the cub and put it in the truck where the video was filmed.

The bear seemed to struggle to breathe before passing out.

Turkish media account @gundemedairhs later shared a video of the bear, named Balkiz, being released back into the wild.

The honey the bear ate is known as "mad honey", which originates from Turkey's Black Sea region and Nepal.

It is produced by bees that pollinate rhododendron plants, which contain neurotoxins known as grayanotoxins. It is commonly eaten in Nepal, China, Germany and Brazil.

Mad honey tastes bitter and is expensive, but reportedly has numerous health benefits including pain-relieving and antimicrobial properties.

Though deaths by mad honey ingestion are uncommon, it does have neurotoxins that can cause intoxication which may require medical treatment.