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Twitter Was Tasked With Summing Up The Plot Of 'Game Of Thrones' In A Single Tweet—And They Certainly Delivered

HBO, @DoomlodVek/Twitter

Warning: There are spoilers for those who haven't seen the series finale of "Game of Thrones."

After eight epic seasons, you would think HBO's tent pole fantasy phenomenon Game of Thrones would go out in a blaze of glory.

It did not.

Reactions to the final episode are very mixed.

Devoted fans felt swindled by what they thought was a rushed season while others were satisfied overall and bemoaned the ending of an era.

So how does one describe the epic plot of the series in one concise tweet? Is it even possible?

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy wanted to find out and posed the challenge on Sunday, just before the airing of the final showdown in Winterfell.

"Can someone please explain the plot/story of the entire #GOT series in a single tweet?"

The results are both hilarious and accurate.

Let's start with the ones that read like liner notes on the back of a GoT blu-ray boxed set.

These are fair and general descriptions.

Can we get more specific? The answer is a resounding "yes."

Here are honorable mentions for the most succinct summaries.

This sounds about right.

Wouldn't this be something? I'm on board for computers rendering mashup scripts.

There you have it.

With Game of Thrones finally over, the buzz about the poor finish is still ongoing on various social media platforms. The main consensus seems to side with the journey being better than the destination.

Was the adventure still worth following?