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Trump Basically Just Encouraged Voters To Commit Election Fraud By Changing Their Already-Cast Votes To Him

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

With Election Day less than a week away and poll numbers not favoring the President, Donald Trump is reaching for votes…even ones already cast.

Trump claimed—without evidence—that a large number of voters want to change their votes in his favor.

He said in a tweet:

"CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me."

He added:

"The answer in most states is YES."

The answer in most states is a resounding NO.

According to PolitiFact there are only a few states where this is possible and each state has its own deadline for such a change in an absentee ballot.

Minnesota's deadline, for example, has already passed. Attempting to change your vote outside of these specific instances can be considered voting twice which is illegal.

President Trump has faced a pandemic death toll of over 225,000 people, a shattered economy, protests and impeachment this past year. He is currently behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the polls.

The President has made numerous unsubstantiated claims concerning the election.

Social media users were not buying the President's latest claims however.

During this contentious election, be sure to fact check any information shared.