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A Three-Month-Old Trump Tweet About How China Handled The Outbreak Has Not Aged Well At All

A Three-Month-Old Trump Tweet About How China Handled The Outbreak Has Not Aged Well At All
MANDEL NGAN / Contributor / Getty Images

The President recently attempted to blame the World Health Organization for the severity of the outbreak in the United States, claiming that their response was "very China centric" and that it was the organization's fault for "severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of coronavirus."

Many Twitter users noticed a January 24th tweet from Trump praising China's quick response to the virus, and they weren't afraid to call out the apparent hypocrisy.

The President's prodigious Twitter habit is well known, and this is far from the first time a tweet of his has not aged well.

After another recent attempt to shift blame for the United States' disastrous response to the virus away from himself and onto anyone else, the World Health Organization in the most recent case, his January tweet promising everything would be OK is drawing a lot of criticism.

A clip of the recent speech where Trump said the US is pulling its funding for the WHO because, in his mind, "The WHO failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable," really highlights the attempt to use the organization as a scapegoat.

"Those tasked with protecting us by being truthful and transparent failed to do so. It would have been so easy to be truthful. And so much death has been caused by their mistakes."

Trump's January tweet praised Chinese President Xi Jinping in containing the Outbreak in China, and promises that everything will work out. As the last few weeks have proven, everything did not work out well.

Not only did the outbreak worsen significantly in China, over 605,000 cases have been reported in the United States and its territories.

Many were already skeptical of Trump's response to the disease back in January.

Others thought the President was being uncharacteristically reasonable for once—the virus did not yet seem that bad at the time—but time has proven that to be false.

Now that time has shown exactly how bad the virus became, and exactly how inept the US Government's handling of the pandemic has been, Twitter users aren't holding back in their criticism of Trump's tweet.

Quite a few people joined in with some serious fact checking.

The people are paying attention, and anything posted on the internet is there forever.

For a deeper look into the hypocrisy rampant in Trump's administration, check out A Very Stable Genius, available here.