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Trump Dragged For Saying Schools Should Re-Open Because The Virus 'Will Go Away Like Things Go Away'

Fox News

Apparently learning nothing from the national spike in cases that began in late June, President Donald Trump continues to press for the reopening of schools during an interview on Fox News, saying:

"My view is the school's should open. This thing's going away. It will go away like things go away."

During his appearance on Fox & Friends, the President couldn't have made it clearer how casually he thinks of the pandemic which has killed more than 150 thousand Americans.

At one point he said:

"If a teacher's in a certain age group I think they shouldn't be going in. Probably they're gonna have to wait 'til the thing goes by. They'll have to wait. It will go by."

The President still seems fundamentally unable to grasp the idea that the virus will not simply go away on its own over time.

Of course, he's a little less willing to risk the life of his own child.

Many people online believe Trump understands the science of the situation, but is simply willing to put Americans lives at risk.

If there's one thing that will absolutely not help Trump come November, it's yet another major wave of the virus.

Many voters have learned during Trump's time in office that his actions are usually meant to benefit only himself.

The President's school reopening plan would be borderline incoherent even if it was well-intentioned.

Health officials continue to issue warnings that the only way to quickly return to normalcy is to take drastic measures like wide closures, ubiquitous testing, and mask mandates as soon as possible.