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Trump Supporter Arrested After Flashing Gun To Threaten Minnesota Woman With Warren Bumper Sticker

Clay County Jail

A 27 year-old Minnesotan threatened a woman almost 10 years his junior with a handgun upon seeing her bumper sticker endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

In case it wasn't obvious, the man—Joseph Schumacher—is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The incident occurred on a highway in West Fargo, North Dakota when Schumacher pulled his vehicle next to the 18 year-old woman, harassing her for blocks and touting his support for the President.

While the harassment is concerning enough, things got terrifying when Schumacher pulled ahead of the woman and held up a handgun to demonstrate his endorsement of a party that frequently champions the rights of "responsible gun owners."

The woman called 911.

Police soon found Schumacher—and a loaded handgun in the center console of his car.

Schumacher was promptly arrested for terroristic threats and a misdemeanor weapons charge.

Despite the derision from Trump supporters about the hypersensitivity of the left, it seemed a bumper sticker was too much for Schumacher to handle.

Sadly, Trump has routinely encouraged violence against his detractors.

And many of Trump's supporters seem all too eager to deliver.

It seems Trump really could shoot someone on 5th Avenue without losing supporters.


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