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Trump Dragged After Reportedly Floating Bizarre Superman Stunt For His Exit From Walter Reed

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Last week, while President Trump was receiving treatment for the virus at Walter Reed Medical Center, he reportedly spoke to several parties over the phone about a strange "Superman" moment when he finally left the hospital.

The plan the President pitched to several people, according to The New York Times, was fairly straightforward, but also deeply bizarre for a U.S. President.

In his scheme, the President would leave the hospital looking frail and unhealthy, almost like Willy Wonka in the 1971 Gene Wilder film.

This part, the President actually went through with.

After greeting the crowd as a sickly old man, however, Trump planned to rip open his white dress shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt beneath.

Trump's critics on Twitter were flabbergasted the President would even suggest such a strange stunt while the nation is still in the grips of the pandemic he himself was afflicted by.

Others felt Trump was being unfair to Superman, who is both a journalist and an undocumented immigrant.

Also, it's a lot easier to defeat Trump than it would have been to bring down Superman.

There were some online who kind of wished Trump had pulled off his crazy stunt, if only to add it to their list of insane 2020 events.

It's not entirely clear why President Trump didn't go through with his plan, though many suspect his advisors successfully talked him out of it.

But who knows? One day, Superman may return.