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People Are Turning Trump's Handwritten Impeachment Notes Into Genius Morrissey-Style Songs

Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Xavi Torrent/Redferns via Getty Images

President Donald Trump has most of the awards money can buy.

But does he have a Grammy like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama?

Maybe he can get a songwriting nomination after his latest bon mots have been turned into a song.

On Wednesday, President Trump was photographed with handwritten Sharpie notes clutched in his hand during remarks to the press.

But some found Trump's repeated "I want nothing" and "quid pro quo" poetic.

Even lyrical.

Inspired by actor and comedian Patton Oswalt's detection of a Morrissey vibe, at least three Twitter denizens created songs to satisfy Oswalt's muse.

First to share with Oswalt was Appa the Flying Bison (@victoryrhoad) with this little ditty you can listen to here:

Oswalt was in awe.

Next up was RuPaul Giamatti (@BenJamminAsh) with their take you can hear here:

Oswalt again appreciated the effort.

And the last—so far—was from Jose Galvez (@josegalvezmusic) who included how long it took to create and record the version you can listen to here:

Oswalt seemed to underestimate the power of suggestion on Twitter.

Ask—or even suggest—and ye shall receive.

People are on board with the presidential remixes.

So, maybe no songwriting Grammy for Trump. But some definite laughs for the internet.

Now, does anyone know how to get these to Morrissey?