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As Body Count Continues To Rise, All Trump Can Focus On Is How The TV Ratings For His Briefings Are As Big As 'The Bachelor' Finale

With America now leading in positive virus cases around the world, President Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his mismanagement of the pandemic. At almost every step of the way, Trump has spread misinformation to the American people while dragging his feet on any substantial steps to fight the disease.

The President has other concerns, however. Based on what he spends his time tweeting about, it seems Trump is more focused on the TV ratings of his press conferences than the health and safety of citizens.

On Sunday, March 29, the President sent out an entire Twitter thread praising the ratings of his own press conferences as if they were episodes of some sort of reality show.

On Twitter, Trump's critics quickly lashed out at him for his inappropriate posts.

The pandemic is a public health emergency that costs more Americans their lives every day, yet President Trump is giddy over how many people are tuning in to watch him talk.

This feels like the millionth example of behavior no other President would ever let themselves stoop to.

Real Americans are being affected by the global pandemic.

While quoting the Times, Trump also seemed to ignore the most important part of their article: that many networks were considering whether or not they should air his press briefings, seeing as they're so peppered with lies and inaccuracies.

In fact, one NPR station already has.

Now more than ever, people need accurate, helpful information.

Even if the briefings WERE a reality show, they wouldn't be a good one.


Now more than ever, Americans need a President who can handle a major problem in a professional, competent way. Sadly, it doesn't look like President Trump is up to the challenge.

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