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Handwriting Experts Weigh In On What Trump And Kim's Signatures Say About Their Personalities

Handwriting Experts Weigh In On What Trump And Kim's Signatures Say About Their Personalities
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Personal signatures are intricately complex and can reveal a lot about the individual doing the signing. So what do the signatures of President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un say about each leader?

Handwriting experts weighed in on what can be gleaned from each man's John Hancock.

Trump's densely-packed, large-lettered signature indicates that he is very guarded, whereas Kim's dynamic, ascending penmanship is a sign of his ambition and creativity.

Graphologist Koo Bon-jin said Kim's signature shows a man who is "intuitive, rather than rational and logical." Kim "also writes very fast, which indicates he's quick-witted and impatient," she added. His signature also resembles those of his father and grandfather.

"There is tremendous space between each character, which indicates a creative individual who is open to taking on new ideas, to evolving," said body language expert Karen Leong. "It indicates a confident person with big dreams and ambitions."

Handwriting expert Jamie Mason Cohen said that the "elongated space between each letter" shows that Kim "needs space from people. He doesn't like for people to get too close to him."

By contrast, Trump's signature, with it's sharp angles and tightly-packed letters, looks like "arrows or skyscrapers," according to Leong. She suggests that people with this style "tend to wear a mask to hide their true nature."

Cohen said that Trump's signature shows that "he clearly loves himself because of the size of certain letters." The president's handwriting, according to Cohen, "lacks compassion" and "goes on instinct."

But the signatures of the two leaders also indicate similarities between the two men. Cohen explained that Trump and Kim "don't forgive easily, they hold onto grudges."

Both men also have "anger strokes" in their signatures, said Cohen, based on the speed and pressure each man employed. "I've seen this with other dictators," Cohen added.

Trump signed his agreement with Kim with a pen emblazoned with his signature. Kim was supposed to use an identical pen, but his sister swapped it for another at the last second.