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WATCH: Trump has Awkward Encounter With Trick-or-Treating Dinosaur

WATCH: Trump has Awkward Encounter With Trick-or-Treating Dinosaur

During a White House Halloween event on Monday, which gave children a chance to trick-or-treat at the most famous house in America, President Trump had a bit of an awkward encounter with a kid dressed as a t-rex.

In a video shared by NBC News on Twitter, we see what appears to be a line of excited kids waiting their turn to get a treat from either the President or the First Lady, who exchange pleasantries with the kids, comment on their costumes, and then send them on their merry way with a fancy treat in their bucket.

But standing out from the crowd, head and shoulders above the other kids, is a giant, inflatable T-Rex waiting its turn.

As the dinosaur finally makes its way to Mrs. Trump, she has a normal, mock-scared reaction, as any good treat-giver should.

But then comes the moment when President Trump gets his first look at the dinosaur. And instead of a friendly reaction, he frowns and seems to size up the kid inside, staring directly at the mesh screen where the kid's face is as they walk by.

You can even hear an adult laugh at Trump's odd reaction in the video:

Of course, Twitter couldn't help but meme the encounter:

People had their theories about Trump's reaction:

But then someone remembered that it isn't the first time Trump has seen an inflatable T-Rex roaming around D.C.:

Apparently a whole slew of people dressed up in the costumes at the end of August and marched on the Capitol to protest Trump's proposed 2018 budget cuts to national service programs such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps:

They also protested in front of the White House with signs reading "stop national service extinction:"

So Trump's reaction to the kid's dinosaur costume kind of makes sense in hindsight:

There's only one way things could've been even better:

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H/T: NBC News, The Hill, Twitter