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Trump Says We'd Be In 'World War Six' If He'd Listened To John Bolton, And People Are Scratching Their Heads

After reports broke that John Bolton's upcoming tell-all book includes passages describing President Trump withholding aid to Ukraine to elicit an investigation into his political opponents, the President suddenly seems incredibly ready to attack his handpicked former advisor.

In a series of tweets attacking Bolton, Trump made one statement Twitter truly couldn't ignore.

Trump's claim that Bolton would have led us to World War six seemed a little bit...exaggerated (to say the least).

Even those who agreed that Bolton was under-qualified couldn't help but notice his last major job was from President Trump.

What would World War six look like?

Say what you will about Trump—he's good at getting random nonsense trending on Twitter.

In this crazy scenario, there are no winners or heroes.

It's pretty obvious President Trump would go to great lengths to stop John Bolton from testifying before the Senate.

You look away from the White House for just one minute and BAM!

Three world wars go by.

Trump's behavior is strange on about a million levels.

How will history look back on World War six?

It's hard to say.

It seems Trump doesn't hire the best people around.

But most importantly...

Every day President Trump doesn't throw us into World War six is a good one.