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Inflatable T-Rex Gets Engaged During London Marathon—And We Couldn't Be Happier For Him


If you can run an entire marathon while wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume, you can do anything—including propose to the woman of your dreams! After the London Marathon on April 22, 2018, one Cretaceous Period apex predator took the leap and got down on one knee!

Twitter was more interested in a marathon than they'd ever been before!

And while the proposal was impressive, the race itself was a feat in itself.

The entire incident is causing some major U.K. pride.

Everything went off without a hitch, despite the countless things that could have gone wrong.

Congratulations to the happy dino-couple! Hopefully your marriage will be a little easier than running 27 miles in an inflatable costume.

H/T - Mashable, Twitter, @BBCGetInspired

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