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Guy Dragged After Advising Men That Women Love Being Treated 'Like A 10-Year-Old'

TikToker @redpilldating later deleted his account after his eyebrow-raising advice for dealing with women sparked instant backlash.

TikTok screenshot of @redpilldating

Just... ew.

A man formerly on TikTok was rightfully and majestically dragged after posting a video advising men to treat the women they're dating "like a 10-year-old."

Of course, the video sparked immediate backlash - from both men and women - and the creator @redpilldating ultimately deleted his account.

Good riddance.

But while the original video may have been deleted with the account, stitches aplenty exist so you, too, can witness the cringe that is this guy's dating advice.

The text overlay reads:

“Treat women like a 10-year-old and they’ll love you for it."

And if that does not cause one to immediately exit the video, the poster can then be heard giving disgusting pointers like:

“So when you’re on a date, don’t, for example, talk about politics, economics, all those complicated things."
“Talk about food, sex, partying, going on vacation — that’s the things women resonate well with.”

You know, as you do with most little humans who have inhabited the earth for merely a decade.

But the relationship expert does not stop there.

No, we haven't even reached the argument section of the Dr. Redpilldating advice column.

One stellar pointer the creator gave is sure to ease the tension during one of those inevitable love scuffles.

“When they argue with you, don’t get upset."
"Would you get upset if you were arguing with a 10-year-old? Of course not, because they are a 10-year-old.”

And, guys, don't forget to draw on your experience from breaking up with a 4th grader when that unfortunate time transpires with your adult lady friend.

“That said, when you’re engaging in a breakup, keep in mind that her emotionals [sic] are all over the place, just like a 10-year-old.”

So much yikes, it's actually difficult to be offended at this point.

You can watch one of the stitches below.


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Viewers of the video were severely creeped out by all the yuck in his revolting minute of "guidance."








And many pinpointed his likely relationship status.






We hope he stays away from TikTok for a loooong time.

And hopefully he deleted some other apps, too 😳. (Be on the lookout, ladies.)