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Man Shares Too Real Tweet About Museums And We Totally Get It

Twitter user hits the nail on the head with a relatable tweet about museums.

Man Shares Too Real Tweet About Museums And We Totally Get It
Randy Faris/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images

Museums are an amazing place to nurture the soul while soaking up art, culture and history.

But you can only soak up so much before things start to get soggy.

Whether you're a die hard art lover or just a casual enthusiast there is nothing quite like a day at the museum for some good old cultural nourishment.

After a few hours though it kind of gets hard to tell the difference between a "significant historical work" and an interesting looking garbage can.

It's a phenomenon we have all experienced at some point, but it took New York based comedy writer Matt Buechele to put it into words.

If you now find yourself with the sudden urge to visit a museum today be sure to catch what really interests you first, because as Buechele points out you're going to care a lot less by the end of your tour.

Buechele's tweet definitely struck a chord with Twitter's museum-goers, receiving over 130k likes. People were relating hard to just how accurate the statements was.

Twitter even began working on a name for the phenomenon.

Though many seemed to agree that much of the fatigue also came downs to all that walking. Forget Picasso, where is there a bench?

With so many people able to relate to the tweet maybe it means we have been doing museums all wrong, but Twitter thinks there might be a better way.

So if you find yourself heading to a museum soon remember to take breaks and only see what you want to. You might just avoid the dreaded "museum fatigue."