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Tommy Lee's 'Accidental' Super NSFW Nude Post Sparks Social Media Double Standards Debate

Tommy Lee's 'Accidental' Super NSFW Nude Post Sparks Social Media Double Standards Debate
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue, made news recently for posting a full-frontal nude picture on Instagram giving the world a glimpse of his assets.


The picture remained up for several hours despite Instagram's notoriously puritanical policies on nudity on the platform. Reactions on Twitter—where the post remains up (link contains NSFW images) due to Twitter's own more open policies—are a mixture of immediate reactions to Lee's nudity and reminiscing about Lee's older, ahem, body of work.

However, conversation quickly moved to critiquing what many see as Instagram's double-standard for male and female nudity.

First, people were a bit in shock at Lee's nudity appearing in their Instagram feed in the middle of the night. This would make sense, as scrolling through one's Instagram feed isn't supposed to have surprise nude images.

That's half the point of Instagram's policy.

Some accounts came in with palate-cleansers.

After the shock, some old-timers recalled this isn't Lee's first entanglement with nudity in the public sphere.

But as the post remained up on Instagram without being pulled by the platform's famously quick-draw indecency moderators, people began to note the difference between his account and those of women who have photos pulled for nipples visible through clothing.

People who have run into Instagram's policies before noted the discrepancy in the application of Instagram's policies.

People also commented it's not just Instagram's policies that have a double-standard.

It's a reflection of a cultural double-standard.

The picture remains in wide-circulation on Twitter, but Instagram finally took it down.

For now, it seems that double-standards still apply, but enough public pressure will eventually force Instagram's hand.