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Blink-182's Tom DeLonge Got A Shoutout During The Congressional UFO Hearing—And He's Pumped

The rocker has been credited with helping to renew interest and research into extraterrestrials with his To The Stars company.

Tom DeLonge
John Sciulli/Getty Images for WIRED

As you may have heard, Congress recently held hearings about how basically, aliens are real. And the big winner in the uproar that has ensued? Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLongenge.

DeLonge's entertainment company To The Stars, which he founded in 2015, has since expanded into all sorts of different focuses beyond entertainment, and one of them oddly enough is alien research.

And it's apparently a serious player in that world---so much so that DeLonge got a shout-out during this week's Congressional hearings from one of the very whistleblowers testifying.

DeLonge was so excited by it that he took to Instagram to toot his own horn, as seen below.

In his post, DeLonge praised the efforts of the three whistleblowers who testified to Congress, U.S. Navy aviators Ryan Graves and David Fravor and former Pentagon intelligence official David Grusch.

Along with a graphic reading "Tom DeLonge was right, aliens f--king exist," DeLonge wrote:

"The UFO Hearings today made history. I am so proud of the three witnesses today that blew the lid off the UFO secrecy that has been intact for decades."
"Graves, Fravor and Grusch are HEROES. I appreciated the shout-out during the hearing, but so many were involved with to make this happen."

That last bit was in reference to a statement from Fravor presented to the House Oversight Committee in which he credited DeLonge as among those whose efforts directly led to this weeks' hearings.

The statement read:

“In the weeks that passed, I was made aware that Lue [Elizondo] had left the Pentagon in protest and joined forces with Tom Delonge, Chris Mellon, Steve Justice, and others to form To The Stars Academy."
"It was this organization that pressed the issue with leading industry experts and USG officials, worked with Leslie Keane, Ralph Blumenthal, and Helene Cooper to publish the articles in the New York Times in December 2017 admitting the USG was looking at UAPs and removed the stigma of the UFO topic, which led to us being here today."

DeLonge also took to Twitter to share a fan tweet which compared him to the character in every good alien movie whom everyone assumes to be a crackpot and then turns out to have been right all along--which is pretty accurate.

The significance of DeLonge's role in the news about aliens was definitely not lost on people on social media.

So there you have it.

Follow your dreams and stick to your guns, kids. You just might end up being right and wind up name-checked in congressional testimony.