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The Actor Who Played The Bloater In 'The Last Of Us' Is Totally Ripped—And The Thirst Is Real

British actor and stuntman Adam Basil is turning heads on Instagram after playing a massive mushroom creature called a 'bloater' on the most recent episode of the hit HBO show.

two images of "The Last Of Us" character the bloater
The Last Of Us/HBO

All zombie-themed movies and TV shows are filled with creatures so horrifying most of us never really think about who might be underneath all that gruesome costume and make-up.

But the most recent episode of The Last Of Us suggests we should start considering it, cuz hoo boy, have we been missing out.

The runaway hit HBO series based on the video game of the same name centers on the apocalyptic downfall and aftermath of a global fungal plague that turns anyone infected into a walking carnivorous fungus--a mushroom zombie, if you will.

From here is where you'll read and see spoilers, so turn back now if you're not caught up!

The most recent episode of the show features a particularly terrifying fungus-zombie call a "bloater," an enormous, well, bloated mushroom monster who is truly gruesome.

Have a look below.

Pretty disgusting, right? And in a addition to being, you know, absolutely vile, he's also far more fearsome than any other character on the show.

Not only is he essentially bullet-proof, but he's also even more violent and bloodthirsty than any of the other fungus-zombies. He doesn't even seem all that interested in spreading the plague, in fact, he just sort of wants to rip off as man heads as he can instead?

All in all, he's pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.

So imagine the fandom's—not to mention the entire internet's—shock when everyone found out the man inside the bloater's costume, Adam Basil, looks like this:

In an interview with Variety, the show's prosthetics designer Barry Gower, said Basil was the perfect choice for the "bloater" because he's 6'6" and his "build, girth and fitness" made him able to carry the character's 88-pound costume.

We have to agree. Basil's build, girth and fitness is absolutely stellar.

And when it came to the rest of the internet the thirst was real.

So there you go--if you get scared while watching The Last Of Us, just channel your Adam Basil lust and you'll be better in no time.