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TikToker Uses Glasses With Camera In Them To Record Super Unsettling Scientology Service

TikToker Uses Glasses With Camera In Them To Record Super Unsettling Scientology Service

A TikToker who goes by Reckless Ben decided to go under cover in the Church of Scientology to expose what it's actually like to be a member of their congregation.

In Ben's first of many viral videos on the subject, he explained how he got the footage:

"So I went to Scientology with a secret camera in my glasses and this is their actual church service."

The footage he caught showed an edited version of a man at the podium repeating the phrase "sit in your chair" a total of 16 times.

He also asked the congregants:

"Are you sitting in your chair?"

Everyone was clearly still sitting down and responded with a resounding "Yes!"


I secretly filmed inside Scientology’s insane church service #scientology #cult #spycamera

Some commenters explained how manipulative this technique was.




Some commenters just made jokes about the ridiculousness of the video.





Others were worried for Ben's safety.




Ben proceeded to troll Scientologists in his other videos.

One showed him going to their confessions program and lying about engaging in sexual acts with another man for money. Another video about how the Church of Scientology doesn't let you "level up" unless you buy their stuff so he said he stole his friend's PS4 and pawned it to buy their books.

The woman was un-phased by this revelation.


Proof Scientology will do anything for money #scientology #money #spy

A solution they gave him to get more money was to "get a job tonight."

Of course, no one would hire him on the spot, so he filmed himself getting rejected from several drive thru windows to show her he couldn't get a job in a single day.


Scientology logic doesn’t work #scientology #getajob #drivethru

If you're also concerned about Ben's safety, don't worry.

This footage is actually from a year ago and you can see full versions of these videos on Reckless Ben's YouTube channel.