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Woman Catches Her 'Sick' Husband Cheating On Her Thanks To Their Own Doorbell Cam

Woman Catches Her 'Sick' Husband Cheating On Her Thanks To Their Own Doorbell Cam

Part of the point of so-called "smart" doorbells and security systems is that they are monitoring your home at all times. So you would think it would occur to owners of such devices to engage in their vices away from home if they don't want to be caught, right?

Well, that didn't occur to TikToker Kaylie Kristina's husband—and now she's blowing him up on the platform after catching him in the act of cheating on her right in front of their doorbell cam while she and their kids were on vacation.

Kaylie, who goes by @kaylie271 on the site, posted the video of her husband in the act with the caption, "When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned," along with the all too appropriate hashtags "cheater" and "garbage."

See the video below.


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The video shows Kaylie's husband walking a woman out the front door past the doorbell cam—all innocent enough. Maybe it's his sister!

Or a neighbor who borrowed some sugar or something! But then the two share a lingering, romantic kiss and—yep, we got a cheater here.

Kaylie told her followers that her husband had pretended to be sick in order to skip the vacation she'd planned.

But the story gets even worse.

In a follow-up TikTok, Kaylie explained that the woman with whom her husband was caught cheating has long pretended to be her friend and has even organized playdates between their kids.


Reply to @mojofosho07 #fyp #foryoupage #ringgirl #cheater #update #homewrecker

In a second follow-up, Kaylie revealed that her husband has been very apologetic and has tried to patch things up—but she's not budging.

As she put it:

"I don't think any apology is ever gonna be good enough. I don't think I'll ever be at a point where I can be like, 'It's okay' because it wasn't okay."

Fair enough. And in another follow-up, Kaylie seemed ready to put her money where her mouth is: In response to a commenter who asked if she's going to leave him, she responded simply, "Abso-fu*king-lutely."

Naturally, her fellow TikTokers had a field day dragging her cheating husband in the comments.











Hope it was worth it, sir!