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Woman Loses It After Learning Her Boyfriend Once Emailed Dating App After Getting Zero Matches

Woman Loses It After Learning Her Boyfriend Once Emailed Dating App After Getting Zero Matches

Dating can be difficult in the digital age.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble can make connecting to new people easier, but it's not always perfect.

Generally, a lot of men will resort to swiping right on everyone just to get as many matches as possible, while a majority of women will be more selective with their swipes.

A TikToker showed the hilarious email her now boyfriend wrote to a dating app's customer support asking why he wasn't getting any matches.

The viral video posted by @jadeswildparty29 now has 2.3 million views and over 128 thousand likes.


guys here it is again I had to remake #MakingTheCut #SummerMashup #grwn

The text over the screen said:

"Before me, my boyfriend wasn't getting any matches on Bumble so he emailed them asking if it was a glitch."

Then Jade showed us a screenshot of the email.

Her boyfriend Niko wrote to Bumble on a Tuesday night:

"To whom it may concern:"
"Hello Bumble, I recently have been active on your Bumble app, and I am concerned there is a glitch with my profile."
"Today I've been swiping right on EVERY person and I did not match with a single person. Not one."
"And don't get me wrong, I'm not gloating about my looks, but I should be getting at least one match."
"I mean my friend Peter looks like that one guy from The Goonies and he's getting more matches than me."

His email asked for further investigation into the issue, but the response was probably not what he was hoping to hear.

The reply said:

"I've had a look at your profile and, according to our information, it's working correctly."
"Please remember that the more you play the game, the more chances you will have to match!"

They tried to give Niko tips on adding high quality photos to his profile to increase engagement.

They signed it with:

"Keep on Bumbling!"

TikTok had a good laugh about it with Jade.

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Jade replied to one commenter who said:

"Her boyfriend is hot by the way, I searched for his Instagram using his name haha."
"By the way he is so polite on the email, rare breed."

In the video, Jade said:

"I appreciate that."
"I also agree, he is a rare breed."

She zoomed in on Niko's face:

"Here is the man, the myth, the legend."
"You decide: was it a glitch?"

People definitely did not hold back in the comments.







If it was a glitch or it was just bad luck, the two are now happily together and no longer relying on a dating app.