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Kindergarten Teacher Goes Viral Once Again With Hilarious Video After Trump's Announcement

TikTok star 'Mrs. Frazzled', known for her videos talking to Trump like he's one of her kindergarteners, has done it again.

Donald Trump; Twitter screenshot of @ms_frazzled
Alon Skuy/AFP/Getty Images; @ms_frazzled/Twitter

A kindergarten teacher who became a TikTok star under the name "Mrs. Frazzled"—a play on The Magic School Bus teacher Ms. Frizzle—went viral with a hilarious video responding to former Republican President Donald Trump's announcement he will campaign for the White House in 2024.

Mrs. Frazzled rose to viral fame for creating videos in which she talks to Trump as if he's one of her kindergarteners and her latest video is no different, showing her addressing Trump with all the sincerity of a teacher praising a budding young student for completing a class project on time.

Along the way, she chides him for "feeling sad" his "friends lost," referring to the Republican Party's disappointing performance in the recent midterm elections. She also tells him "we still have to take those papers back that we took home with us last time," a reference to classified documents Trump took from the White House in violation of federal laws and presidential protocol.

You can hear what she said in the video below.

As if speaking to Trump, Mrs. Frazzled says:

"Goodness friend, you were up there for so long! How do you feel? So excited, yeah, because you get to play President candidate again?"
"President? Yeah! Oh, I heard you say that last time you played for decades and decades. Uh huh... do you know how long a real decade is?"
"It is 10 years! 10! I know, it's so crazy! Learn something new everyday, uh huh."
"But friend, we still have to take those papers back that we took home with us last time, yep, even if you're President again we have to make that choice all the way."
"Okay, it's okay to have a big feeling about that, friend, but we are not going to do our speech again."
"Okay, your body [needs to be] safe and calm and then I will play your playlist with the Grim Reaper song for sure, okay?"
"Are you feeling sad about this week? Your friends lost? Well, they lost fair and square, but we're not doing this again."

It was the perfect response to a man infamous for his childishness, pettiness, and penchant for throwing tantrums—and people loved every minute.

Trump's announcement—which he delivered at his Mar-a-Lago estate and resort club—lasted more than an hour and was described as "incredibly low energy" by ABC News journalist Jonathan Karl.

The speech—which was riddled with outright falsehoods and inaccuracies—apparently bored much of his audience, including people who tried to leave but were blocked by security guards who were perhaps concerned that the ballroom would empty out before Trump had finished.