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TikToker's Pitch Perfect Reenactment Of Woman's Rant About Bath And Body Works Is Oscar-Worthy

TikToker's Pitch Perfect Reenactment Of Woman's Rant About Bath And Body Works Is Oscar-Worthy

When a disgruntled customer posts a very dramatic rant about an unsatisfactory shopping experience, there is no guarantee the person will be protected from mockery.

That is the risk one former Bath & Body Works customer named "Angela" from Neenah, Wisconsin, made in 2012 and we're grateful for it.

Her 12-minute monologue against the lotions and fragrance retailer was once parodied in a 2014 reenactment video to hilarious effect and, like everything else online, another viral event slowed its roll.

Until recently, that is.

The original video resurfaced and is viral once again after Twitter user @KimmyMonte shared TikToker Britt's–a.k.a. @thelocalhedgewitch–video reenactment of the hilarious rant while sitting in front of a monitor playing the original video.

Here is Britt capturing every nuance, and tone in Angela's recounting of her candle-buying experience gone wrong.

You can watch things about to get "really bad" here.

It's hard to pick out a highlight. They are all priceless.

Remember, we're talking about candles here.

Still invested? We don't blame you.

As you can see, Britt is nailing every gesture and verbal pacing here.

It's obvious Britt didn't watch Angela's rant just once.

The unintended histrionics from Angela's inconvenience definitely warrant repeat viewings, which is exactly what Britt has done and perfected for purposes of impressing and amusing the internet.

In the last of the series of clips, "Angela" lost all composure after managing to avoid dropping the F-bomb by using the word "effing."

All hell breaks loose in Britt's final clip of her performance, and you might understand why some people are calling it Oscar-worthy.

As you saw, Britt perfectly captured all of Angela's gestures–including every swipe of her bangs and every finger-pointing to emphasize her statement–and it's one of those reasons why we love the internet.

People also couldn't help but weigh in on Angela's high-stakes dilemma.

We don't know who Miss Manager Jen in Appleton is, nor do we know the identity of the Bath & Body Works employee, but we thank them for their interaction with Angela that prompted such a viral gem a decade later.