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Woman's Attempt At Surprising Her Husband In Some New Lingerie Backfires When Her Father-In-Law Walks in


Hot tip: If you're going to surprise your partner with something sexy, make sure it's only you and your partner in the house first.

That's the lesson a woman on TikTok learned the hard way when she tried to surprise her husband with new lingerie and ended up shocking the daylights out of her father-in-law instead.

Luckily for all of us, the woman captured the entire cringefest on video and posted it to TikTok.

The TikToker, Maggie Clayton, is known for posting endearing and fun videos about her and her husband's marriage.

The intent was to capture her husband's reaction to her new lingerie. As she said in the video, she hadn't worn lingerie for her husband for several years, so it probably would have been quite the surprise for her husband, Jaron.

She opened the video by giving us a glimpse of the lingerie—which thankfully, given how things ended, did not appear to be much more revealing than a bathing suit.

Everything went according to plan at first—Maggie got the lingerie on under her bathrobe, and got in position just in time for him to come through the door of the house and receive his surprise. But instead of her husband Jaron, her father-in-law came around the corner to the shock of his life.

Maggie's father-in-law could be heard saying "Sh*t! Sh*t!" before running away, as Maggie exclaimed after him, "I didn't know you were gonna be home!" Guess that will teach her to plan better next time.

Maggie's fellow TikTokers couldn't help but laugh at her wildly embarrassing misfortune.











Maggie's unfortunate mishap has been a hit on TikTok—the video has been viewed more than 12 million times as of this writing, and has more than 2 million likes. That's 12 million people who won't have to learn her lesson the hard way, at least.